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                        HAMILTON COUNTY CONSERVATON


BID DATE/TIME:           THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2017 before 3:00 P.M. LOCAL TIME

                                    (in accordance with the clock at bid room)



                        2300 SUPERIOR STEET



Sealed proposals for a lump sum bid under one contract will be received, in the Auditor’s office at the Hamilton County Courthouse, 2300 Superior Street, Webster City, Iowa, until 3:00 o’clock P.M. on the 14th day of September, 2017, for the construction of the Briggs Woods Conference Center Project as described in the plans and specifications therefore, now on file in the office of the Auditor’s office. 


Copies of said plans and specifications and form of contract are now on file in the office of the Auditor’s office and may be examined at the Hamilton County Courthouse. Copies may be acquired from Skott and Anderson Architects, 2800 Fourth Street SW, Suite 6, Mason City, Iowa, 50401, upon deposit of $100 for each set. 


The extent of the work involved consists of the construction of a 11,250 S.F. single story free-standing building with conference rooms, office, commercial kitchen, restrooms, port-cochere vehicle canopy, and site improvements located on the Briggs Woods Golf Course south of Webster City, Iowa off Highway 17. The project is located outside of any city limits on Hamilton County property.


Hamilton County Board of Supervisors (Owner) may make the award to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder meeting specifications. The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids, or any part thereof, and to waive informalities or technicalities in any bid and to enter into such contract as it shall deem for the best interest of the Owner. The Owner reserves the right to defer acceptance of any bid for a period not to exceed thirty (30) calendar days from the date of bid opening.


Each bid shall be accompanied by a bid security in a sealed envelope by either (1) a certified or cashier’s check drawn on a solvent Iowa bank or a bank chartered under the laws of the United States, or a certified share draft drawn on a credit union in Iowa or chartered under the laws of the United States, in an amount equal to 5% of the bid, or (2) a certified share draft drawn on a credit union in Iowa or chartered under the laws of the United States, in an amount of 5% of bid amount or (3) a bid bond executed by a corporation authorized to contract as a surety in the State of Iowa, in the penal sum of 5% of the bid.  Contractor shall determine amount of bid bond based on the amount of the base bid and all alternate construction bid items.


The bid security should be made payable to HAMILTON COUNTY.  The bid security must not contain any conditions either in the body or as an endorsement thereon.  The bid security shall be forfeited to Hamilton County as liquidated damages in the event the successful bidder fails or refuses to enter into a contract within ten (10) days after the award of contract and post bond satisfactory to Hamilton County insuring the faithful fulfillment of the contract and the maintenance of said work, if required, pursuant to the provisions of this notice and other contract documents.  Bidders shall use the bid bond form as indicated in the specifications.


Work on the project shall commence October 2017 and achieve substantial completion no later than August 15, 2018. Liquidated damages shall pertain to this requirement. Liquidated damages in the amount of three hundred dollars ($300) per calendar day will be assessed for each calendar day that work on the total project, or portions of the contract where specific completion dates are specified, that remain uncompleted after the end of the contract period, with due allowance for extensions of the contract period due to conditions beyond the control of the contractor.


By virtue of statutory authority, a preference will be given to products and provisions grown, and coal produced within the State of Iowa, and to Iowa domestic labor according to provisions of Chapter 73, Code of Iowa 2009


The successful bidder will be required to furnish a bond in an amount equal to one hundred (100) percent of the contract price, said bond to be issued by a responsible surety approved by the Owner and listed in the U.S. Treasury Department's most current list (Circular 570, as amended) and authorized to transact business in the State of Iowa and shall guarantee the faithful performance of the contract and the terms and conditions therein contained and shall guarantee the prompt payment for all materials and labor to all persons, firms, subcontractors, and corporations furnishing materials for or performing labor in the prosecution of the work and protect and save harmless the Owner from claims and damages of any kind caused by the operations of the Contractor, and shall guarantee the work against faulty workmanship and materials for a period as required by the specifications after its completion and acceptance by the Owner.


Bidders shall be expected to comply with Chapters 91C and 103A of the Code of Iowa concerning the registration and bonding of construction contractors and the successful bidder shall be required to supply Owner with proof of said compliance.


Payment will be made to the Contractor based on monthly estimates in amounts equal to ninety-five (95) percent of the contract value of the work completed.  Final payment will be made after completion of the work and acceptance by the Owner, subject to the conditions and in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 26 and 573 as amended of the Code of Iowa. The bidder's attention is called to the prompt payment to the subcontractors, under Chapter 573.12 of the Code of Iowa.


The Contractor will indemnify and save the Owner or the Owner's agents harmless from all claims growing out of the lawful demands of subcontractors, laborers, workmen, mechanics, material men, and furnishers of machinery and parts thereof, equipment, tools, and all supplies, incurred in the furtherance of the performance of the work.  The Contractor shall furnish satisfactory evidence that all obligations of the nature designated above have been paid, discharged, or waived.  If the Contractor fails to do so the Owner may, after having notified the Contractor, either pay unpaid bills or withhold from the Contractor's unpaid compensation a sum of money deemed reasonably sufficient to pay any and all such lawful claims until satisfactory evidence is furnished that all liabilities have been fully discharged whereupon payment to the Contractor shall be resumed, in accordance with the terms of the contract documents, but in no event shall the provisions of this sentence be construed to impose any obligations upon the Owner to either the Contractor, his Surety, or any third party.  In paying any unpaid bills of the Contractor, any payment so made by the Owner shall be considered as a payment made under the contract documents by the Owner to the Contractor and the Owner shall not be liable to the Contractor for any such payments made in good faith.


The contractor shall not include sales or use taxes in the bid. Pursuant to Iowa Code and Iowa Administrative Code, the contractor will be authorized to purchase building materials that will be incorporated into real property on this project tax-free. Iowa Construction Sales Tax Exemption Certificates will be issued by Hamilton County which will authorize suppliers of building materials to sell materials exempt from Iowa sales tax to the entity listed on the certificate. Upon award of contract, the successful contractor will be required to provide project information on the contractor, and each subcontractor, and supplier required the exemption of certificates.


A pre-bid conference shall be held at the Briggs Woods Golf Course Clubhouse, 2501 Briggs Woods Trail, Webster City, Iowa, on September 6, 2017 at 2:00 PM.


Plans and specifications governing the construction of the proposed improvements have been prepared by Skott & Anderson Architects of Mason City, Iowa, said plans and specifications and the prior proceedings of the Owner referring to and defining said proposed improvements are hereby made a part of this notice and the proposed contract by reference, and the proposed contract shall be executed to comply therewith.


This notice is given by order of the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors in Webster City, Iowa.





 David Young, Board Chair








Kim Schaa, Hamilton County Auditor

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